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Our Services 


                           introduces community health                                education and wellness awareness focusing on those in poverty. Aims for healthy living to all Franklin county residents, by providing information, resources, and awareness on healthy eating, good dietary habits, and regular physical activity that can improve overall health, reduce risk for major chronic diseases. Hosting health fairs, coronary risk screening, diabetes screening, STD/STI screening, high blood pressure, drug-free and tobacco free cessation and other onsite education on topics related to chronic health disease and healthy lifestyle habits to residents.


Prevention. Intervention.
Awareness program
Family Time
Family Engagement program

                        Outreach to assess and                                           recommend individuals from ages 14 to 25 years old, transitioning in life with challenging needs, valuable resources and training opportunities for all family members. Case management provides comprehensive one to one support services for the families of any age to help improve the well-being and function of the family as a whole. The responsibilities of the program will be another tool to tackle the homeless epidemic of youth transitioning and others coming out of the justice system. Empowering individuals to be self-aware, responsible, positive thinking, and problem solvers to become more productive and effective citizens in the community. Implementing this will combat household income, help families to expand their parental choices and involvement; ensuring families are linked to the full range of services they need. To improve quality of life and ability to provide self efficacy.





                        Workforce development and training                             program serves young adults ages 16 to adults 65 with barriers to achieving success in soft skills and employment. The program provides an opportunity for the individual young adults to work individually with a workforce development professional in active case management services that focuses on participant’s educational and occupational goals. Our support and program engages the participants that want the opportunities to gain employment readiness skills, engage in career pathways training, enter and succeed in post-secondary education, engage in paid internships, and address barriers that prevent achievement of educational and occupational goals.


Youth Job and Career Development Services
Working Together

           ​Organized and structured                    activities within the Creative Arts field helps young people engage outside the box, being able to learn social skills, diversity and to express themselves. This will assist youth to understand cultural diversity by trying new roles, and take on new challenges. It is important for youth to be able to evolve socially within the community


  • Double Dutch Team


  • Step Team

  • Singing, Poetry, and Art

  • Creative/ Performing Dance Team




Peacemaking/ Team Youth Activities

Graffiti Dancers

Donate. Volunteer. Inspire

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